Dive Converter Manual

Dive Converter allows users to retrieve their Oceanic+ dive log and export selected dives in Universal Dive Data Format (UDDF). The app works on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and on macOS.


When you first start the app Dive Converter you will see the login screen that allows you to login to your Oceanic+ account. 

Your email and password will not be stored in the app (you may store both in your keychain though) and will be used only for the login.

The app will then retrieve your Oceanic+ account data including

  • your Oceanic+ user ID (as also shown in Oceanic+ app) and a token that will allow the app to connect to your Oceanic+ account¬†
  • Oceanic+ dive log

Dive Log

Dive Converter will then display your Oceanic+ dive log and will allow you to select individual dives or all dives.

After you have selected the dives that you want to export, press the export button.

In case you want to log out of Oceanic+, just press the logout button on the upper right. This will delete also your stored user ID and refresh token from your device.



Dive Converter will now show the share sheet (iOS) or a Save as dialog (macOS) to allow you to store the selected dives in Universal Dive Data Format (UDDF) that is supported by many dive log programs in the market, e.g. MacDive, Dive Log, Subsurface etc.

As soon as you press Save to Files, the app will retrieve the dive details from Oceanic+ and export them to the file you have chosen.

You can now use your Files app (iOS) or Finder (macOS) to navigate to the file and open it in the dive log program of your choice.



Save the file in a location of your choice on local file system or iCloud.


Oceanic+ Account Migration

In case, you have created your Oceanic+ account with Sign in with Apple, there is an in-depth tutorial on how to convert your account to an email/password based Oceanic+ account.