Frequently Asked Questions

What login methods does Dive Converter support for Oceanic+?

Dive Converter supports only logins via email/password. Sign in with Apple is not supported for Oceanic+ as it is technically not possible to use Sign in with Apple to login for a 3rd party application as the login is bound to the app’s ID. 

Is it possible to migrate dives from a Sign in with Apple Oceanic+ account to an email/password account?

If you have an Oceanic+ account that is based on Sign in with Apple and you want to migrate the dives of that account to an email/password account, please open a ticket. The developer can support you with this.

The functionality has been implemented and tested. 

What Dive Logbook Apps have been tested with the UDDF that Dive Converter exports?

The following apps have been tested successfully:

In general, every dive log program that supports UDDF import, should work. Best support that we have tested so far is by MacDive and Dive Log. It depends very much on how compliant an app is in respect to the UDDF standard which elements of the UDDF file will get imported.